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Wild Card Saturday!!!

8/19/2017...Back from convention and back to giving out great deals on great tattoos at great prices. This Saturday's discount style is going to be Skulls!!! Skulls are so permanently integrated into the tattoo industry that we just had to dedicate a weekend to them. 


Wild Card Saturday!!!

8/5/2017...This Saturday's discount style is any and all Realism!!! Color or Black and Grey Realism is all 20% off today!!! Come see us for your next piece of living art.


20% Off Tattoos!!!!!

Until labor day, Ink817 Tattoo Co. will be offering 20% off on all tattoos of different styles for every day of the week:

Mandala Mondays - All Ornimental and Mandala tattoos 20% off.

Texas Tuesdays - All Western, Southwestern and Texas themed tattoos 20% off. 

Watercolor Wednesdays - All Watercolor style tattoos 20% off.

Traditional Thursdays - All American Traditonal, Neo-Traditional and Traditional Japanese tattoos 20% off.

Floral Friday - All Flowers 20% off.

Wild Card Saturday - Stay tuned to Ink817.com for what Saturday's dicounted style will be.


Wild Card Saturday!!!!

7/29/17...Todays discounted style is going to be Black and Grey Realism!!!!