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About Jose Trevino

Prior USMC, military over 13 years of service

Several deployments, deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once while away afforded me ample time to focus on my passion as an artist.  

My driving force has always had an artistic perspective on things with many different influences.

I love to express myself on canvases that carry my art with them through life which I find unique within in the art industry. My passion has driven me to focus on enhancing my abilities by furthering my education in the study of fine arts. 

In various ways such as the study of perspective and basic composition, to  anatomy, still life and the application of gestures within my art. My biggest influences when it comes to tattooing my client tend to vary from oil paintings, charcoal art, watercolor, and many other forms of the fine art industry.  Within my tattooing career I have strived to continue my education my studying accomplished artist that have been in the industry and have set standards for many to emulate. Within my own studies of these artist I have become an accomplished artist within the spectrum of black and grey work, realism, portraits and cover ups.  My art has been described by others to have a painter’s style or feel.  I like to think that in this industry there is always something new to learn and to be influenced by. 

About Eddy G Herrera

Eddy Herrera has been an artist in more ways than one for the majority of his life.  He began drawing and creating visual art at a very young age, cultivating his drawing skills constantly.  Also a musician and singer/songwriter, music has greatly influenced his visual art. Influenced by visual artists Alex Pardee, Greg Simkins, Jeff Gogue and his peers, musical heroes Brian Fallon, Frank Turner and Glen Hansard, Eddy continues to push himself to reach the next level in his artwork each and every day.  

Viewing art as a portal to one's own emotions and inner thoughts, he strives to stir the emotions within the viewer by creating bold and thought provoking imagery.  Every client's idea brought to the table is a new challenge to convey both a striking, satisfying image as well as fulfill the client's request.


About Aaron Stevens

Aaron Stevens is a U.S. Army Veteran that is a multiple magazine published, award winning Tattooer who focuses primarily on large scale black and grey tattooing with a realistic style. Born and raised here in Texas, his roots run Deep in the DFW metroplex where he’s spent over 10 years tattooing and building long standing relationships with his clients and friends. He is also a part of the Central City Ink Magazine International Pro Team and will be traveling the globe tattooing in 2019 in multiple states and countries taking his tattooing skills abroad. He’s had art pulsing through his veins in aspects from building cars and motorcycles, to painting, drawing and tattooing since he was a child. Using his art as an outlet for personal expression and diving deeper into the “why” a person is getting a tattoo ensures each piece has a significant intimate meaning to each and every person he comes in contact with. Treating each customer specifically different than the last, ensures that the pieces that are chosen are not only custom, but meaningful in more way than just a normal tattoo. Every day is a new chance to learn, grow and progress. Focus on the details and make every stoke count! 


Aaron Stevens